Team Information

Download PDF: IFA-2015-Fistball-World-Championship_Team-Information


As the presidents Weiss and Andolfatto visited the venues in Argentina we waited with this information letter until they finished their final talks with the hosts in Argentina.

This enables us to submit more detailed information on all the organisational aspects.

You will find information on to dos for the federations, schedule, ball types, appointments, anti-doping regulations, membership fee and insurances on the following pages.

Please study the attached files and respect the given deadlines so that the preparation of IFA
and host can be further developed.

Professor Tales Amorin is going to visit the World Championships together with 41 students and 3 teachers. He would be grateful for any kind of contact possibility with the participating teams (Cf. attachment IFSUL).

Please support this activity with any cooperation that is possible for your team.

We are looking forward to the largest IFA Fistball World Championship ever.

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