Santa Rosa de Calamuchita, Fistball between lakes and mountains

At the foot of the Sierra Chica and by the river Santa Rosa lies the city with the same name as the beautiful Calamuchita Valley, and is where some matches of the World Championships will take place.

The church ¨Santa Rosa de Lima¨, built in the 18th century by order of the Presbyterian vicar Vicente Peñalosa, is the cultural heart of the city. Santa Rosa is a classic destination for summer vacations, but the variety of events on offer attracts visitors all year round.

The nightlife is also vibrant, as one can have dinner in one of the many restaurants or have drinks and chat in a bar until the Discos open up for the night. There are also many options for outdoor activties such as visiting the Champaqui; which at 2,790m is the highest mountain in Cordoba.

Matches will take place in the city sports center, with all necessary facilities available.

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